SPARTA- Network Penetration Testing Tool

SPARTA is a python GUI application which simplifies network infrastructure penetration testing by aiding the penetration tester in the scanning and enumeration phase. It allows the tester to save time by having point-and-click access to his toolkit and by displaying all tool output in a convenient way.

SPARTA- Network Penetration Testing Tool

The tool will use several popular pentesting programs such as Nmap, Hydra, Nikto and more. The information and action can be made directly from the GUI which may help to automate tasks and accelerate the attack process.

some of the current features are:

  • Collect and display live services on the network target.
  • Browse the services and run a bruteforce attack on required targets this include ssh, ftp and more.
  • Create a screenshot for the web application service exposed to allow the user find-out the content and proceed to next steps.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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