Spammers Use IRS to Distribute Malware

Malicious software have been reported by Sophos that are delivered to victims over email attachment, the email message include a statement that claim all tax refund appeal has been rejected. I think that many people who received this spam will be happy with it, but here the bad news that sender is not IRS but one more time it is the cyber gang.

The malicious email states the following:

Dear Business owner,
Hereby you are notified that your Income Tax Refund Appeal id#6636527 has been DECLINED. If you believe the IRS did not properly estimate your case due to a misunderstanding of the facts, be prepared to provide additional information. You can obtain the rejection details and re-submit your appeal by using the instructions in the attachment.

While the subject looks as follows:

Rejection of your tax appeal.
Your tax return appeal is declined.
IRS notification of your tax appeal status.

Screenshot for the fake email with IRS Logo (click to enlarge)

If you receive a similar message do not open the attachment and make sure that you scan all your emailbox with antivirus software and that any new email be scanned with AV gateway for at least detecting the known malware, this virus is detected by Sophos as Mal/Iframe-AE.


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