Spam level decreased below 50 percent for over a decade

Symantec have issued the monthly report that include spam level detected in the cyber space. According to the monthly report Spam level decreased below 50 percent for over a decade. level of spam have decreased in June 2015 below 50% to become 49.7%. The last time similar values recorded was in September 2003.

Not only usual spam have been decreased but also Phishing rates and email-based malware. this makes the overall activity decreased but there was 57.6 million new malware variants created in June.


Email spams rate by Symantec

As we are seeing decrease in the spams this shows that technology and coordination for fighting cyber crime is evolving to clean up infected servers and disrupt spam bots. However cyber criminals are moving to other methods to make income and monetize malicious activities.

“Ransomware attacks are up in June, with over 477,000 detected during the month. While still below the levels seen at the end of 2014, this is the second month in a row ransomware attacks have increased since they reached a 12-month low in April. Crypto-ransomware is also up in June, reaching the highest levels seen since December 2014” According to Symantec report.

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