Sophos Release Free Tool For Cleaning Windows Systems

Today Sophos anounced the release of a new free utility that are designed to remove malwares and clean infected machines, many antiviruses fail to discover or identify infected computers , so you need to have several AV solutions to be sure that no malware is running on the system.

Actually this tool is not complete security software but it is useful for scanning local host to check if it is infected, for having the best security you need to have already a complete antivirus solution that will scan real-time web traffic, email box and have several extensions that will protect the host against zero days’ malicious attack.

 Screenshot for  Sophos Virus Removal Tool

Using Free Virus Removal Tool 2.0 is simple as any windows application you start by downloading the utility and here you will notice that it’s 81.4MB, next double click to install the application and run your scan. You can read more about this worthy utility on the official website.

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rocky john

Good to know about the Sophos Release Free Tool For Cleaning Windows Systems