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10 Reasons Social Media is Important to Politicians

Politicians follow wherever voters take them, and today’s voter spends a lot more time than ever before on social networking sites like Facebook. People watch less television, read fewer newspapers and magazines and hardly listen to the radio at all.

ZeuS Spreading via Facebook Friends Request

New spamming campaign has been reported by Trend micro. This type of malware is spreading through Facebook.  The downloaded malware is another type of Zbot, also called Zeus a Trojan horse that attempts to steal confidential information from the compromised

Beware of A New XSS on Facebook

New Cross-site scripting vulnerability has been detected on Facebook and widely exploited in the mobile API version, this vulnerability allows a malicious user to include JavaScript content into a website and redirect victim’s browser to the prepared URL. I have

Does Facebook’s OTP Really Protect Users?

Today there has been a very interesting post on Security-Faq regarding password security and new Facebook One time password solution. According to Lee: What the team over at Facebook has come up with is a way to get a temporary

Facebook Worm Attack Spreading Through Javascript

New worm is spreading over Social network. This Malware is attacking Thousands of Facebook users by exploiting a java script gap, exploit forces user to “like” a Facebook page, which then automatically spreads it through a user’s wall by leaving

Vulnerability Makes All Facebook Accounts Exposed

New Vulnerability has been discovered in facebook that allows an attacker to obtain all users credential on the social network website. By having the email address an attacker can get the name and pictures of victims. The vulnerability can works

Donbot Leads a Way To Twitter Spam

One more time major botnets are using social networking websites to spread spam. Symantec’s MessageLabs warned lately that DonBot are started a new massive spamming message, the Lab detected from 18 November 4% of global Spam traffic. The spam message