SNMP-Brute – Fast SNMP brute force, enumeration and password cracking tool

SNMP may include sensitive information that will provide security tester network/system info. if you are looking to pentest snmp you can use SNMP-Brute. This tool provide the following features:

  • Brute forces both version 1 and version 2c SNMP community strings
  • Enumerates information for CISCO devices or if specified for Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Identifies RW community strings
  • Tries to download the router config (metasploit module).
  • If the CISCO config file is downloaded, shows the plaintext passwords (metasploit module) and tries to crack hashed passwords with John the Ripper

The tool is open source based and to protect your self you should disable the snmp if you don’t need it or use the snmpv3 to enable the encryption. You can find more information about this tool over this link:

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