SniffAir – A framework for wireless pentesting

SniffAir is an open-source wireless security framework which provides the ability to easily parse passively collected wireless data as well as launch sophisticated wireless attacks. This tool takes care of the hassle associated with managing large or multiple pcap files while thoroughly cross-examining and analyzing the traffic, looking for potential security flaws. Along with the prebuilt queries, SniffAir allows users to create custom queries for analyzing the wireless data stored in the backend SQL database.

SniffAir is built on the concept of using these queries to extract data for wireless penetration test reports. The data can also be leveraged in setting up sophisticated wireless attacks included in SniffAir as modules.

SniffAir - A framework for wireless pentesting

SniffAir – A framework for wireless pentesting

With the latest version 3.0 user will have the following new features:

  • Migrated sniffer module from Airodump-ng to Kismet backend
  • Added a background function for sniffer module

New modules added:

  • Handshaker – Parses Database or .pcapdump Files Extracting the Pre-Shared Handshake for Password Guessing (Hashcat or JTR Format).
  • MAC Changer – Changes The Mac Address of an Interface.
  • Probe Packet – Sends Out Deauth Packets Targeting SSID(s).
  • Proof Packet – Parses Database or .pcapdump Files Extracting all Packets Related to the Inscope SSDIS.
  • Wigle Search SSID – Queries wigle for SSID (i.e. Bob’s wifi).
  • Wigle Search MAC – Queries wigle for all observations of a single mac address.

You can read more and download the latest release over here:

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