Sn1per – Automated Pentest Recon Scanner

Sn1per is an automated open source scanner that you can use during penetration testing. the tool allow to use some compilation of pentest utility such as the harvester , nmap and brute force against your target. some of the features are:

  • Automatically collects basic recon (ie. whois, ping, DNS, etc.)
  • Automatically launches Google hacking queries against a target domain
  • Automatically enumerates open ports
  • Automatically brute forces sub-domains and DNS info
  • Automatically runs targeted nmap scripts against open ports
  • Automatically scans all web applications for common vulnerabilities
  • Automatically brute forces all open services
Sn1per - Automated Pentest Recon Scanner

Sn1per – Automated Pentest Recon Scanner on Kali

The tool is very simple to install on any pentest live distribution. you can download the latest release over the following link:

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