Smbexec rapid post exploitation tool

Smbexec is a tool that you can use for penetration testing domain controllers, the program allows to run post exploitation for domain accounts and expand the access to targeted network. this makes pentester have a full access without any privilege requirement.

Latest release include improvements so it runs faster and there are more options in configuration and a module that support file search. using smbexec allows to easily go through all machines on the network and collect the necessary information such as the UAC configuration or other system settings beside where the domain administrators credentials are in use.

SMBexecScreenshot for the smbexec options

To install smbexec it will be possible to make the following:

  1. git clone
  2. Run the script, select your operating system, and supply any required information
  3. Run the script and compile the binaries
  4. Type smbexec

you can find more information on the release notes:

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