Smalisca – Static Code Analysis for Smali files

Studying the application and learning more about what it is really doing on the system is very important. Android applications are similar to any other application that may include suspicious and malicious software. If you are looking to investigate this type of applications you can use smalisca.

smalisca have many capabilities for running static and dynamic analyses with very rich features including the following:

  • Parsing where you can retrieve information about classes, properties, classes, methods, and challenges between classes.
  • Analysis and this will arrange an intelligent search and set filters to search for the right classes and methods
  • Web API smalisca provides a REST web service in order to easily interact with the results by just using a web client.
  • visualizing with the ability to visualize your results in a structured way makes your life more comfortable.

smalisca Static Code Analysis for Smali files

All this allows you to quickly and efficiently navigate in another application during its analysis. The tool will also have have the category to analyze Android-applications. you can download the tool over this link:

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