Skiptracer – OSINT Scraping Framework

Initial attack vectors for recon usually involve utilizing pay-for-data/API (Recon-NG), or paying to utilize transforms (Maltego) to get data mining results. Skiptracer is designed to query and parse 3rd party services in an automated fashion, to increase productivity, while conducting a background investigation.

This application can be useful when trying to find hard to allocate targets. On the tool user will have several categories and each of these categories offers different modules that request 3rd party sites after the information has been submitted by the user.

Skiptracer - OSINT scraping framework

Skiptracer – OSINT scraping framework

The modules will allow queries for the following:

  • Email – Search targets by email address
  • Name – Search targets by First Last name combination
  • Phone – Search targets by telephone number
  • ScreenName – Search targets by known alias
  • Plate – Search targets by license plate
  • Domain – Search targets by Domain

The plugin framework will allow contributors to submit new modules for different websites to help collect as much data as possible. This makes Skiptracer your one-stop-shop to help you collect relevant information about a target to help expand your attack surface.

This tool will include searching LinkedIn to check if user exposes information through LinkedIn, HaveIBeenPwned to check email against known compromised networks , Myspace to check if users account has a registered account , AdvancedBackgroundChecks to run email through public page of paid access.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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