SimplyEmail – Email Recon Tool

SimplyEmail is a tool that will allow user to collect email addresses from online services. The tool include 28 modules that will search different online resource such as AskSearch, GitHub, Google, YahooSearch and more. next user may generate an html report with the finding to report this to the resource owner for removal. many cyber-criminal will run a special search online against any targeted company and use these email addresses for phishing and spamming campaigns.

SimplyEmail - Email Recon Made Fast and Easy

SimplyEmail – Email Recon Made Fast and Easy

A few small benefits:

  • Easy for you to write modules (All you need is 1 required Class option and you’re up and running)
  • Use the built in Parsers for rawest results
  • Multiprocessing Queue for modules and Result Queue for easy handling of Email data
  • Simple integration of theHarvester Modules
  • The ability to change major settings fast without diving into the code

Searching for online information on social media and search engine is becoming the first and mostly used method to attack different resources. making a constant testing and verrification during a penetration test will help into identifying similar vulnerability and remediate any security gaps that may affect users.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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