Simplerisk Enterprise Risk Management Platform

Infrastructure security contains several sources of logs and information that is used to measure security risks in the environment, we have application and system vulnerabilities, antimalware’s, network vulnerabilities intrusion detection and prevention systems and honeypots. All are sending events that are used to measure security risk at the organization.

Simplerisk is a new open source tool set that can be used in managing risks at your platform. the tool provides security professional with the ability to submit risks, plan mitigation, facilitate management reviews, prioritize for project planning, and track regular reviews.

You will have a dashboard where you can submit a new risk for consideration and with the data you add you can create risk reports with information and graphs you need to present the level of risk at your platform.


SimpleRiskScreenshot for the Web interface (Click to enlarge)

You can generate report by technologies to identify the source of information whether antivirus, remote access, operating system, Mail security issue and more. This to have at one glance all the security troubles you are detecting at your platform.

You can download and install the tool from the following link:

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