Simple DNSCrypt – Dnscrypt-proxy Management Software

Simple DNSCrypt is a tool that may allow user to manage DNSCrypt proxy server on windows operating system. encrypting the DNS traffic will add more security and makes an important part of the web browsing hidden from third party proxies or gateway.

Simple DNSCrypt - Dnscrypt-proxy Management Tool
Simple DNSCrypt – Dnscrypt-proxy Management Software

The tool will simplify the network DNS configuration and settings with some advanced features for example to use TCP over UDP which will disable client waiting for DNS response and as a result accelerate the web surfing speed.

This beside registering and storing all your DNS logs locally to make them available at any moment. The application is useful to encrypt DNS traffic, prevent any network device to collect users information and violate users security.

Some of the features added in version 0.6.9 are:

  • Uses dnscrypt-proxy to 2.0.31
  • Added Anonymized DNS
  • Added dnscrypt-proxy logfile do advanced settings
  • Set working directory on startup
  • Updated dependencies
  • Fixed some UI problems

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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