Significant Malware Increase detected by Pandalabs

PandaLabs has published the Q1 report for malware statistics. According to the report there is an increase in the malicious activity over this quarter. In this three months there are more than 15 million of new sample of malwares that are created.

Android systems were targeted by new type of malwares that allow cybercriminals to run commands and control victim smart phones. The malicious applications were hosted on Google Play. Overall malwares 71.85% are Trojans, they are responsible for 79.9% of all infections in the cyberspace.

Most infected malware

Top 10 infected countries sourced pandalabs

In the most malware infected countries we found China, Turkey, and Peru as the top sources of malwares while Sweden, Norway and Germany as the least infected countries or source of malwares.

You can find the report over this link:

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