Shnakule Dangerous Malvertising Network

Blue Coat Security Labs experts warn of a large network malware known as Shnakule, the malware are using a combination of false advertising banners and fake security alerts to infect computers.

According to the research malware spread itself through embedding a malicious code in banner ads that redirect victims to other websites that attempt to start fake antivirus software attack.

Webpage generate pop-up window with a warning, like a Microsoft security alert to make victim think that his system is infected and follow a tutorial to download and install a patch which is definitely a malicious program.

This technique for spreading malware is very common but what is unusual is using both ways for infecting users this mean by banner ads and fake security alerts. This makes it a great way to infect large numbers of computers.

Shnakule is a broad-based malware delivery network involved in drive-by downloads, fake anti-virus and codecs, fake flash and Firefox updates, fake warez, and botnet. In the first half of 2011, Shnakule was the leading malware delivery network and search engine poisoning was the most popular malware vector. The network had 2,000 unique host names per day with a peak of more than 4,300 per day.

To protect yourself from malwares always use your computer with least privilege and never log on as an administrator especially when browsing the Internet, Keep all your software up to date with latest patches and make sure that your antimalware signatures up to date with automated scan enabled.


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