ShinoBOT – Malware Attack Simulator Framework

ShinoBOT suite is a tool that you can use during penetration testing or security awareness training to demonstrate how it is simple to compromise a host or a network remotely. Some of the malware that you can include with this tool is Ransomware Simulator which is a known malware that encrypt files on infected host and only attacker will be able to decrypt these files.

Another malware is ShinoStuxnet which will demonstrate stuxnet malware that targets industrial system that usually hard to reach as they are not connected to internet. So with ShinBOT you will be able to scan ICS/SCADA system and talks some ICS protocols.

This is not all because you will have the RAT (remote access Trojan) features to execute commands on victim machine, upload files on the remote system, download any file from the victim system and take screenshot of infected system.

ShinoBOT how to

ShinoBOT how to

You can read more and download this tool over this link.

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