ShazzleMail- Application to maintain your email privacy

Today we see more of new services that offer anonymous surfing and mailing. this because many online service store users information on their systems and this makes end users not safe from reusing the data in the future. ShazzleMail is one of the interesting mail system that you can use to protect your privacy.

ShazzleMail is a free private email application that turns your smart phone into a mail server, delivering your messages directly to your receiver via an SSL encrypted channel with no server copies. Not even Shazzle gets a copy. the application can be installed on laptop , smartphone or even integrate it with Microsoft outlook.

The application will send notification for recipient and create a direct connection from sender to receiver. The ShazzleMail service sends them a web notification e-mail with a link. The recipient only needs to click the link to establish a direct connection with the Sender and receive the email. ShazzleMail sends all communications over a secure line, and keeps your email on your local storage device and not in some third party cloud.

Shazzle Mail Client 1.3.2Screenshot for Shazzle email client (click to enlarge)

This will make sender control the email so he can delete the message at any moment. All email are encrypted locally so even if you lose the device no one can read the content. you can download ShazzleMail over this link:

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