Sh00t – Platform for Manual Security Testers & Bug Hunters

Security Testing is not as simple as right click > Scan. It’s messy, a tough game. What if you had missed to test just that one thing and had to regret later? Sh00t is a highly customizable, intelligent platform that understands the life of bug hunters and emphasizes on manual security testing.

Sh00t - Testing Environment for Manual Security Testers
Sh00t – Testing Environment for Manual Security Testers

Sh00t is a task manager to let you focus on performing security testing. the platform provides To Do checklists of test cases and helps to create bug reports with customizable bug templates.

some of the features are:

  • Dynamic Task Manager to replace simple editors or task management tools that are NOT meant for Security
  • Automated, customizable Security test-cases Checklist to replace Evernote, OneNote or other tools which are NOT meant for Security
  • Manage custom bug templates for different purposes and automatically generate bug report
  • Support multiple Assessments & Projects to logically separate your different needs
  • Use like a paper – Everything’s saved automatically
  • Export auto generated bug report into Markdown & submit blindly on HackerOne! (WIP)
  • Integration with JIRA, ServiceNow – Coming soon
  • Export bug report into Markdown – Coming soon
  • Customize everything under-the-hood

You can read more and download this platform over here:

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