Several Compromised WordPress Sites Serving Malwares

Malwarebytes security researchers have reported recently that several compromised WordPress sites are Serving Malwares. This malicious campaign is controlled by attackers to promote and spread malwares online. WordPress is a popular CMS that help webmaster to create online content and publish articles. The way of this attack is effective because it will allow attackers to change and customize the malicious content according to their needs and any visitor will run the malicious script to infect as much victims as possible.

This case is detecting the Angler exploit kit which was firstly found in 2013 and uses website to inject HTML or JavaScript code to infect visitors. One of the compromised website is Reader’s Digest magazine which provides information, news that include cybersafety for end users and how they can protect themselves online.

Malicious script hosted on RD (sourced malwarebytes)

Malicious script hosted on RD (sourced malwarebytes)

Here to protect your machine online make sure to keep your security program updated and install all security patches required especially on web browser. Also it is important to never open a suspicious website that you are not sure that it is safe.

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