SEE – Sandboxed Execution Environment

Sandboxed Execution Environment (SEE) is a framework for building test automation in secured Environments. The Sandboxes, provided via libvirt, are customizable allowing high degree of flexibility. Different type of Hypervisors (Qemu, VirtualBox, LXC) can be employed to run the Test Environments.

Plugins can be added to a Test Environment which provides an Event mechanism synchronisation for their interaction. Users can enable and configure the plugins through a JSON configuration file.

By default with the basic configuration you can find 5 plugins:

  • – module for the VM snapshot acquisition and analysis
  • – module to track and analyze network activity in the running VM
  • – module for working with screenshots of the virtual machine;
  • – module to trigger events based on time
  • – set of different functions

You can use SEE to perform automated testing to software application in an isolated environment. also it will allow user to create several sandboxes that execute the application for further analysis.

Read more over this link:

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