SecurityTubeCon: first online Hacker Conference

online conferenceSecurityTubeCon is the name of the first online hacker conference, this event will be held on the 6th, 7th and 8th November and aims to provide researchers a way to share and exchange their thoughts online regardless of their physical location.

Procedure for Speakers selection is unusual because the organizers will not intend to approve or deny participant so it makes all people heard but they will put the talk abstracts online and attendee will choose the presentation they want to join. Well for who are not able to attend the presentation on time all videos will be freely available for download after a week from the conference.

The conference main topics will include:

a. Research Track: Show your bleeding edge research and zero days.
b. Tutorials Track: In-depth Tutorials on security technologies can be given by domain experts
c. Tool Demos: Demonstration of new and cutting edge tools by their original authors
d. Security Product Demos: Demos of state of the art security products by companies and organizations

more information can be found here while Interested Speakers are requested to submit their talk abstracts before the deadline.

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