Security Monitoring With Type80

With the widespread reliance on Information Technologies and in today’s computing environment, enterprise-wide monitoring of security events is very important and critical , not only for tracking malicious activity, but also to meet compliance requirements. It is essential to make the security deployment process and ongoing maintenance as easy and cost-effective as possible.
Type80 Security Software’s SMA_RT product provides mainframe security into the modern era. By analyzing data from both WTO messages along with SMF data, Type80 gathers detailed information about security events on the mainframe. This data is then encapsulated in standard TCP/IP Syslog format and delivered in real-time to those responsible for enterprise security. This gives an enterprise-wide view of all the events they need to capture to stay abreast of attacks against their infrastructure.
There is a lot of great features in Type80 including:

* Helps enterprise meet G/R/C logging requirements (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc)
* Works with RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret, SMF and Console messages
* Helps track “insider threat”
* Real-time delivery of mainframe alerts
* Easily integrates with any existing enterprise security monitors
* Application Programming Interface to produce customized events.

You can read more and request a trial version from the official website.

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