Secunia Releases Patch Management Utility

Secunia Danish computer security service provider announced the final version of the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector 4.0 (CSI 4.0). This tool may identify vulnerabilities for about 13 000 applications from 2300 developers.

CSI 4.0 has a free trial version which can be downloaded from the official website. And brings CSI 4.0 with Microsoft server operating system updates (WSUS) and the Center for configuration management (SCCM) to make it possible to perform a full corporate devices scan and identify any unpatched application at the enterprise and manage all Microsoft and third-party software installation and configuration.

According to Secunia all computer users have to install about 76 patches per year from 22 different software developers. And this task at the corporate environment is complicated. Especially that the client on companies LAN are more exposed to new outstanding gaps, so it I important to check there system frequently.

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