SecTechno 2009 Top 10 Security Entries

2009 was a very interesting year in the info security sphere. By the end of this year I wanted to list the top posts in term of reader’s number and providing the value of these posts.

1- Scapy: Massive hacking tool!
This post comes in the first place in term of readership, Scapy is a perfect tool that gives user the ability to test some advanced attacks like VLAN hopping, ARP cache poisoning, VOIP decoding on WEP encrypted channel and other.. With Scapy you can do everything you want (sniffing, fuzzing, Arp spoofing) all offline and without internet connection, you just connect to python scenario and you can work without borders.

2- Protecting the Cloud with MSK Security Solution
This post comes on the second place, MSK Security Solution provides a solid way to eliminate a numerous threat like (SQL Injection, Key Loggers, Phishing, Pharming and Man-in-The-Middle attacks) by using two-factor authentication combined with the Non Linear Authentication technology and the Single Sign-On there is no way to give user credential even if a user wanted to.

3- Guest Blog: Defending against DDoS
DDoS Attack is one of the hottest security topics for this year this kind of attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, Richard Stiennon provided a Guest Blog about the ways to defend against DDoS.

4- First Tool to Crack Microsoft BitLocker Encryption
On the fourth position we find the First Tool to crack Microsoft BitLocker Encryption. Passware Company has introduced the first commercial software solution that offer a way to Crack files encrypted by BitLocker system.

5- Your Privacy in Danger!
This fantastic video was made by the Sky News in London and shows 6 examples of computer repairing shops, and how illegally accessing personal data on customers’ hard drives and even trying to hack their bank accounts.

6- SSLStrip : HTTPS stripping attack
SSLStrip is a way to compromise SSL based website and was demonstrated at the BlackHat DC 2009 it is a python based tool and it replaces secure links to non secure one.

7- Microsoft AV will be out soon!
In the seventh position we find Microsoft antivirus (Microsoft Security Essential) that had a big interest between security professionals regarding the performance and efficiency against Malwares.

8- Quick ways to boost Windows Vista performance
Here we listed an exclusive and quick way to make your Windows vista runs like a Ferrari.

9- Improve your Data centre performance with Windows Server 2008 R2
This post was to provide SecTechno Audience with the new huge number of improvements in the scalability, performance and bunch of new feature in Windows Server 2008 R2.

10- iPhone Next up for Hackers
Apple iPhone has been targeted from hackers and over this post I wanted to list the benefit that makes hackers focusing on embedded devices and particularly iPhone.

I would like to wish our readers, fans, followers and subscribers from around the globe a safe and a prosperous New Year may the year 2010 be full of joy and rewards.

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