Secret Disk Application to Hide Personal Data

Protecting information from unauthorized access or destruction is very important. from the technical point of view this is possible using special security settings and applications, there is a very interesting solution called Secretdisk that do not use any encryption but it provide a way for controling access to hard disk by hiding it. this application will be useful for a fast and simple way to secure your data but if you have sensitive information than you need to add encryption.

After installing and running the program you select a password, You open the application insert your password and you will notice a new hard drive named X where you can store your sensitive files and data. When you finish from transferring your file you click on Secret Disk icon on the tray area to lock secret disk and disk X will be disappeared with all contents.

Current version is 1.35 and the total executable size is 2MB You can read more about Secret Disk on the official website.

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