Collection of Schemas For Webmasters

New project that involve three biggest search engines on Internet aims to develop new platform for better search results. Google, Bing and Yahoo are working together on – project.

Companies are hoping that the project will provide developers information to make better use markup schemes that allow search engines to extract data from pages and give a more fruitful search results.

“We know that webmasters need to spend time and efforts to add a markup to your pages. Adding markup is particularly difficult if each search engine requests data different way, “- Google spokesman wrote Ramanathan Guha in a company blog.

“That’s why we have teamed up with other search engines to support common set of schemes, just as we have come together to support a common standard for sitemaps, in 2006. ”
In addition to resources for developers on existing schemes, the site will also provide detailed information about new schemes that search engines will be used to search in areas such as movies and music.

“Today’s announcement offers huge opportunities for growth,” – wrote Blog Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Yahoo’s search.

“In addition to the consolidation of schemes for the items that we already support, There are schemes for over a hundred newly-created categories, including movies, music, organization, television shows, products, places, and many more. ”

Seth said that the Yahoo platform will be a continuation of the activities company, which began with work on the platform SearchMonkey. The company has closed SearchMonkey in 2010 after signing a deal with Microsoft to build its infrastructure platform Bing.

Using better search results was part of ongoing transformation of searchers in recent years, along with services such as instant search and support for HTML 5.

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