Scammers promise to pay you back as soon as they get home

Skype and any instant messaging system is trusted by user, this makes any account hacked can be used by attacker to make scams and have some income. New case have been posted on Kaspersky blog where attacker compromised one contact and started to send the following message:

skype bestSkype scam reported by Kaspersky

Hey. I’m on a trip right now and I can’t get to a payment terminal and top up my balance. Could you please transfer 100 rubles – or even better 200 – to the number  +7925XXXXXXX? I can’t think of anyone else who could help me. It would really do me a big favor! I pay you back as soon as I get home!!

“The cybercriminals stole my contact’s password, probably using password stealing malware. ” According to Kaspersky blogpost.

Social engineering is an effective way to trick users and here cybercriminal may use any communication channel including emails, SMS or Instant messaging system to make more income. if you see similar scam ignore and delete the message , call your contact so he can recover his account.

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