Scammers exploit Ebola virus to spread malwares

We  notice that all news are used by cyber-criminal to promote their malwares as this allow them to target the largest audience possible. Symantec have reported over this week that online scammers are taking advantage of Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. there are four cases that were spotted with different technique.

The first is an email that attach a report about Ebola when victim open the attachment he will execute Zbot trojan that will make the machine part of the botnet and will grab banking information. the second case is a malicious spam that spoof Etisalat template a telecom provider in United Arab Emirates. this is an email that attach a presentation on the Ebola virus but the zipped file attachment do not contain presentation but instead another Trojan that will inject malicious code into existing programs on the compromised computer.

Symantec-falso-email-sobre-ebola-malwareEmail attaching malicious report sourced Symantec

The third is another email that cover the Ebola drug which claim to be a treatment to the virus but obviously the email is attaching a backdoor that will open victim machine to cyber-criminals. the last is a CNN template email that promise to include the precaution information of Ebola but it is just a phishing email that will take victim to a compromised website where he is invited to insert email login credentials next he will be redirected to real CNN website.

Users need to be careful when receiving similar emails and to protect your self do not open attachments or links from non trusted sources,  keep your security software updated to have the latest definition and use the administrator privilege only when they are really required.

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