Scam Facebook Chat Verification Hijacking users account

Security researchers from Trend Micro are alerting of a new spam messages that are spoofing official Facebook Chat Team notification. The spam message is a fake Facebook Chat verification that asks user to verify and approve their accounts otherwise the account is going to be terminated.

This type of spam message may trick user and by the end allows cybercriminal to hijack Facebook accounts. The attack scenario looks as follows:

  1. Victim is asked to open a Pastebin URL and copy a Javascript code
  2. Next the victim instructed to open a shortened link that leads to Web console
  3. On Web console victim paste the Javascript code to validate the account but the reality the code is going to post scam on friends wall and subscribe victim to attackers Facebook group.

FB-chat-spam1Screenshot by TrendMicro for the spam message

This is a variant on the self-XSS attack. By pasting the code in the browser console, the user gives the code access to their account. The code usually posts the same scam on other people’s walls, and subscribes the user to pages controlled by the attacker – but it could do much worse things.” According to The official Facebook warning notes

If you receive a similar message make sure to Ignore the message and report it as a spam.

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