Saudi supercomputer ranked as fourteenth most powerful worldwide

ibm_bluegenepKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) new super computer has taken 14th place in the global list of the top 500 supercomputers compiled by

The IBM Blue Gene/P System, named Shaheen, recorded a peak processing power of 185 Teraflops, ranking it among the top twenty high performance computing worldwide on its first entry into the list.

Majid Al-Ghaslan, KAUST’s interim CIO said: “Shaheen is the cornerstone of the knowledge-based economy that Saudi Arabia is seeking to develop. The deep computing capabilities Shaheen can deliver will unite the best of business and scientific computing techniques and will enable us to find the value buried in growing volumes of data and apply that information to solve real-world problems. Through our collaboration with IBM, we are finding it possible to tackle problems of unbelievable complexity—things we couldn’t dream of doing even a few years ago.”

The Shaheen system, first announced in September last year, is being run as a joint project between IBM’s Centre for Deep Computing Research and the private university, with the aim of providing high performance computing power for researchers across a range of disciplines, and to encourage research in the region.


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