Sandcat -The Pen Tester’s Web Browser

Sandcat Browser 6 brings unique features that are useful for pen-testers and web developers. This tool is built on top of Chromium and uses the Lua programming language to provide extensions and scripting support.

This Pen-Tester Tools extension pack includes Cookies and Cache Viewers, JavaScript Executor extension which allow user to load and run external JavaScript files , Ruby Console extension and extensions that run as isolated processes.

Sandcat -The Pen Tester's Web Browser
Sandcat -The Pen Tester’s Web Browser

Some of its unique features include:

  • Live HTTP Headers — built-in live headers with a dedicated cache per tab and support for preview extensions
  • Console — an extensible command line console; Allows you to easily run custom commands and scripts in a loaded page
  • Resources tab — allows you to view the page resources, such as JavaScript files and other web files.
  • Page Menu extensions — allows you to view details about a page and more.
  • Pen-Tester Tools — This comes with a multitude of pen-test oriented extensions. This includes a Fuzzer, a Script Runner, HTTP & XHR Editors, Request Loader, Request Replay capabilities and more.

Features inherited from Chromium include:

  • Multi-Process Architecture — each tab is its own process
  • Developer Tools — in addition to the Chromium Developer Tools, Source Code Editor and its own JavaScript and Lua consoles.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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