Sandboxie New Release

New version with some improvement has been just released by sandboxie.  This tool aims to protect users by isolating any application from the operating system. Here a person can use local application such as web browsing without caring about malwares as the browser will be isolated from the main system.

It can also protect your privacy as it is possible to navigate any website and then just remove the application and you will find no history tracks on the operating system, Sanboxie allow user to isolate email application from main system and this will make any infected attachment not risky as the virus will not find main operating system to install and replicate itself.

Sandboxie 3.64 changes include the following:

  • ” Shortcut links to programs in the sandbox are created with the proper icon and description.
  • Fixed “Recovery to Any Folder” to behave the same way in the Quick Recovery window and in the Files and Folders View.
  • New “cut to clipboard” feature in the Quick Recovery window and in the Files and Folders View.
  • New “User Accounts” feature in Sandbox Settings can restrict use of the sandbox to specific user accounts.
  • Programs can re-establish a connection to a disconnected network share.
  • Programs can be allowed to set up exceptions in the firewall (see Sandbox Settings > Restrictions > Hardware Access).
  • Security software: COMODO Internet Security, Dr.Web Security Space, G Data Internet Security suite, Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials,
  • Browser utilities: AdFender, Folder Size, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Logitech Scroll App, Nitro PDF v6 and v7, Sticky Password.
  • Windows XP: Fixed a conflict with update KB2633171 which caused error message SBIE2304 to appear in some systems.” (1)

Today it is very important to use such application that creat a kind of sandbox, this will isolate any malicous software that can harm your system. we can also consider sandboxie for using a public computer or navigating some suspicious resources.



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