Samsung Galaxy Devices Shipped with Backdoors

New vulnerability in smartphones Samsung Galaxy have been disclosed by Replicant a free project version of Android. the bug embeds a backdoor that provides remote access to the data stored on the device of Samsung galaxy.  Modern smartphones include two separate processors , the first is designed for calculating standard applications and operating system , while the second is responsible for communication.

The second processor works with a proprietary OS , and these applications have been shipped with  backdoors that allow remotely activate various functions of a smartphone , including a microphone , GPS- locator , camera and more. As the affected processor is exposed to network attacker is allowed to compromise the system and use the backdoor.

Members of Replicant calls this program typical backdoor through which an attacker can remotely execute arbitrary actions on the device , including read, write, and delete files , run third-party programs , etc. In the model Galaxy S backdoor works as root with full administrative privileges.

You can find the research details over this link:


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