rop-tool – Tool to help you write binary exploits

rop-tool is a set of tools that you can use to search gadgets, Patch binaries , Print info about binary, Display heap structure and Disassemble the binary. the tool is open source and consists of a set of internal controls, each were made to perform a specific task. rop-tool have the following features:

  • String searching, Gadget searching, patching, info, heap visualization, disassembling
  • Colored output
  • Intel and AT&T flavor
  • Support of ELF, PE and MACH-O binary format
  • Support of big and little endian
  • Support of x86, x86_64, ARM and ARM64 architecture
rop-tool heap

rop-tool heap

List of commands on rop-tool are:

  1. gadget -> to search for gadgets in a binary.
  2. info -> displays some info about the binary for example sections, segments, symbols, entry point etc.
  3. disassemble -> to partially disassemble the binary.
  4. patch -> This command is used to patch a binary, commonplace in reversing or writing exploits.
  5. heap -> This command can be used to exploit a vulnerability based on the heap
  6. search -> to search for information in the binary (string, integer …)
  7. help -> Print this help message
  8. Version -> display version.

You can use this tool to create an exploit to binaries and it is possible to have the latest version  V2.3 over this link:

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