Review: uCertify CEH v7 your Quick path to be certified

Today we hear a lot about new generation of IT Security certifications, you go to Linkedin and you find all people adding their certifications on their profiles and this can be a good way to promote their appearance on different search engines.  If you decide to pass some new certifications than this article interests you, the first question is asked is how is it possible to pass different exams and how to choose the training center?

Now it is possible to make all your preparation using single software that is called uCertify. This is not a training center or a boring video training that you need to watch for several days, it’s a complete tool that has all required features to pass your certification quickly. Basically you will find the practice exams, study materials and tracking progress tab.

  • Learn & Practice or Practice exam is divided to diagnostic test for understanding your level, and five samples of real tests that helps to have more practice on real exams conditions and answers, for the EC Council CEH prepkit I found it very good one balanced and if you have a good background in the penetration testing and vulnerability assessment than you will have no issue with the questions.

    An important point while using the software that you don’t have just good answers but you will have for each question why other choices are wrong to make you memorize the correct answer, usually students start to ask for justifications while uCertify will convince user with explaining correct answer.

Screenshot for the practice exam

  • Study Helper will provide you essential 19 points in the CEH v7 exam including (Introduction to ethical hacking, footprinting and reconnaissance , scanning network, enumeration, system hacking, Trojans and backdoors, viruses and worms, sniffers , social engineering, denial of service , session hijacking, hacking webserver SQL injection, hacking wireless network ,evading IDS firewalls and honeypot, Buffer overflow , cryptography and penetration testing.

    So if you feel you have a trouble in understanding a chapter of these 19 parts you go directly to this one and no need to go over all chapters again.

Screenshot for the Study Helper

  • Study material  here you will find subject /exam standards and objective, study notes , articles about the certification exam, How tos, recommended additional learning , key terms , glossary, online reference library and study tips.

Screenshot for the Study Material

  • Track your progress this is the last tab and will help in finding all your exam preparation performance with test history, test readiness report and objective readiness report.

Screenshot for the Track progress

I think that you can try the demo version of CEHv7 on the official website which will allow you to use the diagnostic test with 15 questions and if you plan to pass your CEH v7 certification than you can purchase the full version for 119.99 USD

Wish you good luck with your exams!

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