Reversing Malware with Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E.)

Malwares on mobile system are increasing dramatically, especially on android smartphone system, this week Trendmicro security lab posted about new campaign targeting this system by infecting users over web applications (One-Click Billing Fraud Scheme Through Android App Found).
After infecting the smartphone with ANDROIDOS_FAKETIMER some information will be sent to certain URL’s on the web, the information includes Gmail account, Sim information and mobile number.

This is not the first case reported by Trendmicro there are previous similar attacks that are targeting Android. If you are interested in reversing android malware than you can check Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E.) Virtual Machine, all you need is to install virtualbox and download the available image on website.

Next you will have under tools folder several open-source utilities such as Androguard, Android sdk/ndk ,APKInspector, Apktool , Axmlprinter , Ded , Dex2jar , DroidBox , Jad and Smali/Baksmali,  This will help you to detect and monitor changes after running the malware.

you can download the virtual image by following this link:

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