reNgine – Automated Reconnaissance Framework

reNgine is an automated reconnaissance framework meant for information gathering during penetration testing of web applications. the tool has customizable scan engines, which can be used to scan the domains, endpoints, or gather information. The beauty in this utility is that it gathers everything in one place. It has a pipeline of reconnaissance, which is highly customizable.

reNgine - Automated Reconnaissance Framework
reNgine – Automated Reconnaissance Framework

reNgine can be very useful when you want to perform the reconnaissance, gather endpoints, directory and file search, grab screenshots, and gather all the results in one place.

Suppose, if you have a domain, reNgine can perform the scan based on your scan engines, gather all the results in one place. this makes it possible for use cases like, “I want to search the subdomain which has page title “Dashboard” and has page status as 200, and I quickly want to have a look at the screenshot”.

Another use-case could be, “I want to list all subdomains that use PHP, and the HTTP status is 200!”

On the endpoints part, reNgine is capable of gathering the URL endpoints using tools like gauhakrawler which gathers URL from many sources like common crawl, Wayback engine, etc.

It will be possible for the use case like, “search the URLs that have extension .php and HTTP status is 200!”

reNgine is just a pipeline of recon. The framework would not have been possible without the following individuals/organizations.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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