Remote Access to VirtualBox Over Web Browser

Accessing your machine remotely can be very important especially if you are traveling a lot and have some data stored on your machine and look to have your environment from any place.

Usually administrators block outband traffic as a security measures so sometimes you can’t use RDP or SSH from remote network and you need to use just the simple HTTP which is allowed by any system administrator. So at your home you can use some simple tools to have access to your machine remotely regardless of network security policies and firewall rules applied while you are traveling.

There is a very interesting tool phpVirtualBox which is considered to manage your virtual machine using any web browser, Installing the interface will require first installing a web server software that can run PHP for this you can use ready application such as XAMP or XAMPPLite and a copy of Virtualbox running along with the included vboxwebsrv utility.

After you have the web server ready you need to customize the config.php to setup username, password and location. Finally open the admin panel http://IP address:<port> to have your virtual machine main interface over web browser. Here it is important to note that the system username / password of the user that administers your VirtualBox virtual machines is sent in plain text from your web server to your VirtualBox host. For this reason, it is recommended (but not required) that this script be run on the same physical machine as your VirtualBox host. The VirtualBox interface (vboxwebsrv) provides no method of encrypting this authentication interaction.

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