Red team Arsenal – Layer 7 Security Scanner

Red Team Arsenal is a web/network security scanner which has the capability to scan all company’s online facing assets and provide an holistic security view of any security anomalies. It’s a closely linked collections of security engines to conduct/simulate attacks and monitor public facing assets for anomalies and leaks.

It’s an intelligent scanner detecting security anomalies in all layer 7 assets and gives a detailed report with integration support with nessus. As companies continue to expand their footprint on INTERNET via various acquisitions and geographical expansions, human driven security engineering is not scalable, hence, companies need feedback driven automated systems to stay put.

Red team Arsenal - Layer 7 Security Scanner

Red team Arsenal – Layer 7 Security Scanner

There are many ways to host your external scan engine on remote host for example you can use public cloud service that will provide you the required IP to run your scan. Another way is to run your scan over a proxy network such as Tor where you will be running the vulnerability assessment from internet. Depending on your scheduled changes you can submit the scan to verify that you have no misconfig affecting your external facing services.

You can read and download the tool from here:

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