Recursebuster – Rapid Content Discovery Tool

Recursebuster is a tool that you can use run a recursive-HEAD-spider-assisted search with a single thread using a specific wordlist. Results will print to screen, but more importantly, will be written to a file ‘busted.txt’.

Recursebuster – Rapid Content Discovery Tool
Recursebuster – Rapid Content Discovery Tool

This tool will provide the following features:

  • HEAD Based Checks – For servers the support it, HEAD based checks speed up content discovery considerably, since no body is required to be transferred.
  • Recursion – When a directory is identified, it gets added to the queue to be brute-forced. By default, one directory is brute-forced at a time, however you can ‘cancel’ a directory interactively by hitting ‘ctrl+x’ if in UI mode.
  • Spider Assistance – Some basic checks are done to look for links within the HTML response. This will whitelist and exclude certain content.
  • Speed – the tool will make the scan faster.
  • Proxy settings – Possible to use it with a proxy settings to avoid being blocked by web application security tools.

You can read more and download the tool over here:

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