Recover Email Client lost passwords

There are several method for recovering email password locally, you can search the configuration file manually or using different applications but in most cases the password is encrypted which can make it hard to decrypt.

Some password recovery applications do not work with the antiviruses such as Openpass ,Passview or Recover. Here is a good and fast way to do that:

1- Open your notepad and create a simple Fake POP3 server, over this server you will be able to get your password.

#! / Usr / bin / perl

# run a fake pop3 service

use IO:: Socket;
$|++; # using socket and cuts buffering

$ Sock = IO:: Socket:: INET-> new (Listen => 10, LocalPort => 110, Proto => ‘tcp’, Reuse => 1) | | “Cant open port: $! \ N”; # Create a socket on port number 110 at the local machine

while ($ client = $ sock-> accept ()) (
while (1) (# We hear of new clients and enter into an infinite loop at each new connection
$ Client-> send (“+ OK Fake POP Service ready \ n”); # Banner
$ Stat = $ client-> recv ($ data, 1024);
$ Client-> send (“+ OK Password? \ N”);
$ Stat = $ client-> recv ($ data, 1024); # organize the exchange of data according to RFC1939
(Undef, $ data) = split (”, $ data);
print “Password is \” $ data \ “\ n”; # Separates the password and write it on the console
close ($ client); # Close Client session and exit

2. Changing the client host’s mail server to a local address or other that runs the fake pop3 script.

3. Run the fake script and start the process of getting new emails. As a result – you will receive your password in plain-text, on the console.

By the way, you can use the same script to other services such as FTP the most important to change the script according to the desired protocol.

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