ReconDog – Reconnaissance Swiss Army Knife

ReconDog is a wizard based OSINT tool that will help to run port scanning and making reconnaissance against your target. user will have the possibility to select specific utility to make the check or run all of them together to get more information using external third parties without touching the target.

ReconDog - Reconnaissance Swiss Army Knife
ReconDog – Reconnaissance Swiss Army Knife

There are several integrated online utilities that will make the verification using online portals including:

  • Censys: Uses to gather massive amount of information about an IP address.
  • NS Lookup: Does name server lookup
  • Port Scan: Scan most common TCP ports
  • Detect CMS: Can detect 400+ content management systems
  • Whois lookup: Performs a whois lookup
  • Detect honeypot: Uses to check if target is a honeypot
  • Find subdomains: Uses to find subdomains
  • Reverse IP lookup: Does a reverse IP lookup to find domains associated with an IP address
  • Detect technologies: Uses to detect 1000+ technologies
  • All: Runs all utilities against the target

The source of the scan or check will be hackertarget ,whatcms, shodan and findsubdomains. This will totally hide the source of the scan and allow to bypass protection in place.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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