Recoll – Full-text Search Tool

Searching for keywords or email content may help incident handler to find some useful information to investigate illegal activities or policy violation. attack source can be a phishing email ,malicious spam or social engineering attack. This makes investigating suspicious system is important. if you want to search for specific keyword you can use Recoll.

Recoll is based on the very capable Xapian search engine library, for which it provides a powerful text extraction layer and a complete, yet easy to use, Qt graphical interface. This tool will index an MS-Word document stored as an attachment to an e-mail message inside a Thunderbird folder archived in a Zip file (and more…). It will also help you search for it with a friendly and powerful interface.

Recoll – Full-text Search Tool

Some of the features are:

  • Easy installation, few dependancies. No database daemon, web server, desktop environment or exotic language necessary.
  • Will run on most Unix-based systems, and on MS-Windows too.
  • Qt 4 GUI, plus command line, Unity Lens, KIO and krunner interfaces.
  • Searches most common document types, emails and their attachments. Transparently handles decompression (gzip, bzip2).
  • Powerful query facilities, with boolean searches, phrases, proximity, wildcards, filter on file types and directory tree.
  • Multi-language and multi-character set with Unicode based internals.
  • Extensive documentation, with a complete user manual and manual pages for each command.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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