Quick ways to boost Windows Vista performance

dashboardMany people prefer the Linux system than Microsoft due to the operating system performance. Memory is a very important issue for any operating system and controlling the performance of your pc is a must, users always have a big desire to optimize the PC performance and boosting memory to run applications or play some games that needs a big memory, adding a memory slot to motherboard is not always the good solution.

Process optimization has a several steps:

– Operating System Boot
– Disabling any unused services
– Turning off any unused devices
– Accelerating the start menu.

These are the tips that any Technical support or windows vendor will advice, there is much cleaner software that easily helps in optimizing the PC performance automatically but in windows vista that is not enough and the most interesting is disabling unused services :-). For windows vista there are some services that you can switch off safely:

– Windows defender: this is used for detecting malware, if you already have an AV so you can disable it.
– Computer Browser: this service is used to detect the network domains and resources. If you have no LAN or you are not looking to see who are on the network disable.
– Windows update: you can check the updates manually so there is no need to run this service 24/7.
– Windows Error Reporting: this service is used to send reports to Microsoft if there is an application failure on your PC, I think that we do not need it too so disable.
– Print spooler: have no printer plugged disable.
– Security Center: this service for monitoring the OS security setting, if you have an AV and PC firewall this service is worthless so you can switch it off.

The list can be extended depends on your way of OS usage. In vista there is also a background defragmentation process that are scheduled by default to run each Wednesday this can slow your PC performance so you can do it Manually as desired.

The last thing and not least is accelerating the start menu opening, this can be done by changing in the register key HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Control Panel ->Desktop the key name (MenuShowDelay), replace the value 400 to 0, this will make the start menu faster. The optimizations have no limit. So do not stop optimizing and keep working.

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