Quick and Easy First Impression With Multi-AV Scanners

Multi-AV scanners are designed to provide a quick and easy way for analyzing viruses, using these online resources do have some risks as uploading binaries or files may contain some sensitive information like your IP address, usernames and passwords or DNS names.

The most important is that public scanners may also help malware writers or attackers to know if their malicious program is detected by different antiviruses or not so they know if they continue to use these programs to penetrate different network or change the tactics.

VirusTotal already mentioned many times previously is a solid public scanner as it allows uploading 20MB or less to scan it with 42 antivirus products. VT shares all the services that we may find on other online scanners and what we find at VT and no other online scanner is the following :

• 42 AV that’s mean approximately 2 times more than other public scanners.
• SSL submission possibility
• You can use email for submitting
• Integrating the scanners on your browser.

Jotti is another online scanner it allows users to scan files with about 20 different antiviruses and you can submit your suspicious file directly on the website. Files uploaded on Jotti are shared with anti-virus companies so detection accuracy of their anti-virus products can be improved. The site is available in ten different languages and allows you to upload up to 20MB size file.

NoVirusThanks is another Multi-AV scanner that enables user to submit file for a scan with 24 antivirus products with the latest signature. The big advantage of this online resource that it do not share your submitted file with other antivirus you just need to select “Do not distribute this sample” while uploading your file.

Finally we should keep in mind that no security solution offers 100% protection, not even when it uses several anti-virus engines.

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