PyREBox – Python scriptable Reverse Engineering Sandbox

PyREBox is a Python scriptable Reverse Engineering sandbox. It is based on QEMU, and its goal is to aid reverse engineering by providing dynamic analysis and debugging capabilities from a different perspective.

PyREBox allows to inspect a running QEMU VM, modify its memory or registers, and to instrument its execution, by creating simple scripts in python to automate any kind of analysis. QEMU (when working as a whole-system-emulator) emulates a complete system (CPU, memory, devices…). By using VMI techniques, it does not require to perform any modification into the guest operating system, as it transparently retrieves information from its memory at run-time.

PyREBox - Python scriptable Reverse Engineering Sandbox
PyREBox – Python scriptable Reverse Engineering Sandbox

PyREBox offers a complete set of commands to inspect and modify the state of the running VM. You can run any volatility plugin by typing vol and the corresponding volatility command. For a complete list of available volatility plugins, you can type list_vol_commands. This list is generated automatically, so it will also show any volatility plugin you install on PyREBox’s volatility path.

The goal of the project is to:

  • Provide a whole system emulation platform with a simple interface for inspecting the emulated guest system.
  • Have a clean design, de-coupled from QEMU. Many projects that are built over QEMU do not evolve when QEMU gets upgraded, missing new features and optimizations, as well as security updates. In order to achieve this, PyREBox is implemented as an independent module that can be compiled together with QEMU requiring a minimal set of modifications.
  • Support for different architectures. Currently, PyREBox only supports Windows for x86 and x86-64 bit architectures, but its design allows to support other architectures such as ARM, MIPS, or PowerPC, and other operating systems as well.

You can read more and download this project over here:

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