PuttyRider- Tool to hijack putty sessions

Putty is a very useful tool for running secure shell and remote administration on servers. If you are looking to make a pentest against putty sessions you can use PuttyRider. this is an open source tool that will inject and hook putty execuable to log sensitive information including:
  1. Sniff all conversation between admin and servers including passwords
  2. Inject commands in the hacked session that is running on remote systems
  3. work with metaploit to conduct the attack in trasperent mode without keeping traces for the attack


PuttyRider screenshot (click to enlarge)

Options for PuttyRider are:

  • -l List the running Putty processes and their connections
  • -w Inject in all existing Putty sessions and wait for new sessions to inject
  • -x Cleanup. Remove the DLL from all running Putty instances
  • -d Debug mode
  • -h print help Output modes
  • -f Write all Putty conversation to a file in the local directory
  • -r IP:PORT Initiate a reverse connection to the specified machine and start an interactive session.

PuttyRider works with SSH , rlogin and telnet sessions which make it a good tool that you can use with penetration testing program. you can download the tool over this link: https://github.com/seastorm/PuttyRider

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