PS>Attack – Portable PowerShell console for making Pentest

PS>Attack is a PowerShell tool that you can use to perform offensive attack, it combines several modules that were released for penetration testing. some of the modules are Powersploit ,PowerTools,  Nishang , Powercat and Inveigh. PS>Attack makes the usage easier and allow to evade anti-viruses and security software by the following:

  1. It features powerful tab-completion covering commands, parameters and file paths.
  2. A custom command “get-attack” is included that helps you find the attack that you’re looking for.
  3. It doesn’t rely on powershell.exe. Instead it calls powershell directly through the .NET framework. This makes it harder for enterprieses to block.
  4. The modules that are bundled with the exe are encrypted. When PS>Attack starts, they are decrypted into memory. The unencrypted payloads never touch disk, making it difficult for most antivirus engines to catch them.


PS>Attack tool


At the moment and with this release in PS>Attack there are the following modules:

  • Powersploit
    – Invoke-Mimikatz
    – Get-GPPPassword
    – Invoke-NinjaCopy
    – Invoke-Shellcode
    – Invoke-WMICommand
    – VolumeShadowCopyTools
  • Nishang
    – Gupt-Backdoor
    – Do-Exfiltration
    – DNS-TXT-Pwnage
    – Get-Infromation
    – Get-WLAN-Keys
    – Invoke-PsUACme
  • Powercat
  • Inveigh
  • PowerTools
    – PowerUp
    – PowerView

You can read more and download PS>Attack over this link:

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