ProxyStrike 2.2 – Tool to Audit Web Applications

Web applications is getting more and more importance in the computer security field, this makes on a daily bases we have new scanners to help in finding bugs and vulnerabilities on web platforms.

ProxyStrike is a tool that helps auditors to test the security of web application using several web requests that usually made by the browser and verify the response to identify any known vulnerability.

The tool also includes a crawler to check website against XSS vulnerabilities or SQL injections using an integrated plugins.  Main features for the tool:

  • Automatic crawl process
  • Http request/response history
  • Request parameter stats
  • Request parameter values stats
  • Request url parameter signing and header field signing
  • Use of an alternate proxy
  • Sql attacks (plugin)
  • Server Side Includes (plugin)
  • Xss attacks (plugin)
  • Attack logs

You can download the tool by following this link: